crayon dreams

dreaming in color
wide purple days
silver skies cover
our jaded mistakes
all is good here
only one blue
Caribbean hues
calling my sun tanned toes
sunk in white sand
watch the waves rolling in
only to sweep the lies
back to the salty sea again
peripheral vision
Mediterranean days
cover the silent tides
between you and me


heart ink

broken heart
within my humble body
remnants of heart ink
through me
leaving bright red dye
something once solid
bloody liquid confusion
and watered down words
I need to speak
but can only weep

the water and blood
sweat and tears
broken life and limbs
trying to carry her
as anger scrapes through my body

I left my heart on Cottonwood Creek

I left my heart on Cottonwood Creek
the pieces you left with me anyway
I buried them under several feet of snow
by the side of the bank
where the water gently flows
giving over and letting go
to the growing rifts in the placid ice
I left all of it there in the reverent wild
knowing under all of those cold layers
the land would love me better
holding me through the winter night
carrying me along every adventure
never leaving anything behind
and maybe with it gone
I wont feel as broken and wrong
hopefully in the spring
the land will beckon me back
to the place my heart was swept away
and you will have defrosted from my soul
in the runoff.